dear cozzies,

3+ years and tens of thousands of orange peel "chicken" orders later, we are permanently closing at the end of 2023.

I started this restaurant with my dad as a wild idea during those unprecedented COVID days having no prior experience running a small business. I am proud of what we've built and I am sooo happy to be part of your birthdays, parties, and those "I forgot to buy groceries" everyday moments. to our super fans (Maddie, Michael, Kenji, and many others), thank you so much; we wouldn't have done it without your continued support!

ending this on a happy note -- closing means that my dad finally gets to retire! if Cozy Wok meant something to you, leave us a note on Yelp, Google Maps or via email, and wish papa Zhao a happy retirement!

lastly, just because we are closed does not mean you can stop eating broccoli; keep eating your veggies!!

love, dan

A blue circular logo of Cozy Wok